We will work with you to

understand business

Understand your business needs

define your process

Define your processes

Design your new information system

migrate to origami

Migrate from your current systems to Origami

Harness the power of cutting-edge information systems to streamline your operations and boost efficiency. With our extensive experience in custom software development and cloud technology, we can design and build robust solutions tailored to your needs. Using Origami, a fully dynamic platform that lets you customise everything to meet your evolving needs, we create advanced information systems and provide custom software enhancements to solve unique challenges. Partner with us to transform your business with innovative, tailored solutions.

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Once live on Origami, Kipanga offers support that is tailored to a client's requirements.

Some clients are self sufficient and don’t need much of our time, while others prefer we stay close and help with ongoing support as well as additional enhancements and developments. We understand that every business has unique processes

Our approach involves automating processes using Origami across various domains, be it

Project Management

Human Resources

Customer Relationship Management

Once live on Origami, Kipanga offers support that is tailored to a clients requirements.

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Project Management

By developing and integrating project management solutions on Origami, we ensure that every project is

Aligned with business budget and objectives

Carried out alongside the client, every step of the way

Human Resources

In human resources, we capitalise on Origami’s flexibility to support every stage of the employee lifecycle, including




We enhance Origami to cater to specific HR strategies and practices..

Human Resources
Human Resources
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Our CRM solutions extend Origami’s capabilities to provide a connected experience across all business functions. We ensure that every insight obtained from sales and marketing is effectively communicated and leveraged throughout the organisation.

This unified approach facilitates a comprehensive understanding of customer lifecycle management;

Account planning

Opportunity workflows

Ensuring all business areas operate cohesively.